Wow! A New Year!

E0085682012 went out softly. I had a lovely Moroccan dinner with my wonderful friend, Joanne, and two friends from Tasmania (who want to get married — by my Sensei, Myotai — in my loft this year). We went to the fireworks at Prospect Park, and were right up against the fence, so the display went off directly overhead. As I hadn’t last seen the Tasmanian couple since we had a BBQ at my loft on July 4th — but hadn’t gone to the fireworks — this was like a continuation of that party.

confettiBut seriously, folks.

This year I want my dreams for 2007 to either come true or mutate into something more appropriate for someone six years older and wiser. That is, either I will generate the capital to fund my business of helping women create businesses that build communities (in Third-World countries my dollar goes farther than here; but US women need help, too).

Or, I will get The Brass Family’s Great Adventure off the ground (Clark willing!) and we can turn that into a music/art education adventure in the schools, online and wherever else it’s needed.

Or, I can become a more integral part of Myotai’s Hermitage Heart project (doing web and Mac work for her; creating a newsletter; etc.)

Or, ALL of the above!

Tomorrow I take a three-hour New York State Exam to be licensed to sell insurance to union members who have actually contacted our company and requested a sales pitch. As the company is union; has life insurance contracts that are negotiated by and tailored to union needs; and doesn’t advertise (saving mega-$$!), since the union presidents tell their members to contact us; this could be an easier sell than one would think. No real cold calling involved, at least.

All I have to do is get 105 right out of 150 questions tomorrow a.m. (oog!) But as I look over the products, I can see how this really helps people, and can only wish my parents had been as thoughtful about my future. So if I have to work my butt off raising money, it’s for a good cause — and will go to at least one of my good causes afterwards.

Never mind the bills: the electric company seems to be OK with my running behind . . .    😉

Maybe one of you will even be part of making one — or all — of these things happen. Who knows??!? Life is full of lovely surprises!

Meanwhile: I hope 2013 is the BEST ever for you and yours!!!


[1-3-13 NOTE: I got 80% on the exam, so things are rapidly moving forward for me as a brand-new agent in the world of insurance!]

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