The Suicidal Picture (Dorianne Grey?)

BrendasPictureBrenda Kato is one of my VERY favorite people, in spite of — or because of — being a former boss of mine (at Newtek, 2008). She is also a talented artist, and I keep this print on my bedroom door. It isn’t a terribly happy picture; but so accurate, it’s real.

Yesterday, I heard a soft thump, and her print had fallen off my door. I got a funny feeling, so I called her right away (she now lives near her family in Jacksonville, FL). She didn’t answer, but I left a message saying in effect: YouBrenda‘re going to think I’m crazy; but your picture fell off my door (tried to commit suicide?) and I was wondering if you’re all right. Please let me know! (Something like that.)

Today she sent me an e-mail: she had been feeling so depressed and suicidal yesterday she actually worked out a plan. But luckily, it was her sister’s birthday, and (typical woman!) she didn’t want to ruin the party.

I’m so relieved she’s better (she’s had a VERY rough year!) But it’s odd that her picture took that dramatic leap off my door to let me know. It’s never happened before. (And I hope it doesn’t happen again: it’s not good for the mat!)

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