The Curse Goes On?

Ever since I tripped on nothing and fell flat on my face (to the detriment of my nose, teeth and eyes) last December, the curse has continued with a vengeance. So here I am again, freshly fired for something I didn’t do, and wondering if being fired is a career path of its own. If so, I’m the queen!

I spent 5 hard weeks going through a giant milk crate of receipts (going back to 2008), and meticulously scanning them (in a “Neat” scanner). They ended up being catalogued in 70+ folders and sub-folders, documenting my CEO’s life. As of last Thursday night, I had over 1,600 items in the Neat “library” and presumably, in the cloud Neat maintains as backup.

The scanning program conflicts with anything to do with the internet (e-mail, Safari, etc.), as the constant “syncing” alternately crashes the Neat software and the Mac itself. So Friday I did a Mac restart — and all of the data vanished! Neat couldn’t find its own library! It could only happen to me and only this year, given the wildly “impossible” things that have been regularly occurring.

Needless to say, my humorless CEO was furious and fired me Tuesday, after bringing in his IT guy to spend 3 hours looking for the library (the good techs at Neat had already given up). No one knows what could have possibly have happened: so naturally, the only possible solution was to fire me.

As I had been cut down to 4 hours/day before this happened (due to lack of work after the scanning was done), I already couldn’t have lived on $15/hour minus 35% removed for taxes. So I did the only thing one could do (after picking up my stuff yesterday morning). I went to Les Halles (owned by the traveling chef, Anthony Bourdain), ordered a nice Sancerre, and enjoyed an outdoor table while finishing an epic by Caleb Carr. Then I went home and took a 2-hour nap. What a life!!

Today it will be 100+ in the shade; but this evening I’m having dinner with my old buddy Arnaldo Buzack: the crazy Brazilian-Jewish drummer with whom I first acquired this loft in August of 1992. Lots of laughs will ensue! He is still very, very funny, in a very dark, cynical way.

I may soon be blogging for a paltry $100/week; but we’ll see what else comes along. Meanwhile, my BFF/former boss Brenda has started doing 2-hour painting classes in bars in Astoria and is doing well. She has kindly offered to incorporate me into these projects. Whatever happens, it will be fun!

Now there are large patches of dark mold appearing where my kitchen ceiling so hellishly collapsed in May: stay tuned for the next misadventure!!

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