My 5 Christmas Angels!

BlackEyeOn Tuesday, I got into a fight with a sidewalk in Queens, and it won. It may be hard to see in this gorgeous photo, but on the left of the image, I have a black eye, running from the bridge of my nose to the outside edge of my eye. I also have a black spot to the left of my nose. On Wednesday, my nose was twice its normal size, and my wrist, as well. The black eye just gets uglier with age. Green, purple, brown, red and yellow are my new face colors!

I didn’t manage to actually break my nose (although I really landed on it), nor did I knock out any teeth. But I did manage to sprain my left thumb and wrist. All because I caught my foot in a bit of pavement!

I’ve never had a serious fall before, nor have I broken a bone (unlike my athletic mom). But I am wondering if this a precursor to an old age full of black eyes — or just a fluke? If it had happened 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have given that question a thought. But now . . .

As I lay flat on my face pondering these things (I didn’t even have the time to make any defensive moves, so my hands were OK), five lovely ladies [black, for what it’s worth] appeared and acted as my angels. They diagnosed my injuries (not enough blood to indicate a broken nose); got me to my feet; and waited until my face wasn’t so numb, so I could make out what was OK and what wasn’t. Then they pointed me at the train station, only leaving when they thought I was all right.

Where did they come from? I was in the middle of a warehouse area in Queens, on Northern Boulevard, that was dark and empty.

But there they were — my 5 Christmas angels! Bless them forever!

Now I just have to work on getting the Law of Gravity repealed . . .

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