A New Year’s Gift for You!

Here are a few of my favorite haikus quoted by Clark Strand in his book, Seeds from a Birch Tree. Please take your time to savor each one individually, like a glass of really great wine!

from the jailhouse sink
the water comes out so clear
I feel cool by it

— Jakko Medina
Greenhaven Prison

*  *  *

Clark Strand:

loving its whiteness
I walk around the birch tree
to the other side

the white butterfly
disappears in a sun shaft
on the rocky trail

*  *  *

summer afternoon
the coolness of the newspaper
from the grocery bag

— Cor van den Heuvel

*  *  *

the cardinal’s call
drills a row of scarlet holes
in the summer air

— Alfred Marks

*  *  *

before the rainstorm
warm breezes turn leaves over
to the silver side

— Jody Hojin Kimmel
Zen Mountain Monastery

*  *  *

long winter night
I open the red cookie tin
for needle and thread

— Carl Patrick

*  *  *

Sister Benedicta:

turnip in my hand —
its cold roundness heavier
than a baby’s head

the Easter lilies:
no matter how you turn them
blossoms face the wall

whatever has cut
the round holes in these round leaves
has carried them off

the place where the leaf
has left the stem is perfect
for just that purpose

inside our chapel
with beings of wood and stone
seeds from a birch tree

1 Response to A New Year’s Gift for You!

  1. anythingbutgreta says:

    what a lovely gift! hope you got mine….

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