Baking cookies as the snow falls . . .

Takes me back to when I was six (December 1951?). Mimsey and I are sitting on high stools that my dad made to go with the counter we are facing. We are rolling out and cutting out sugar cookies, and decorating them; and making pinwheel cookies, pecan crescents and whatever else was needed that year. Outside, it’s snowing like crazy (this was the year of the Big Snow that stranded my cousins at our house on Christmas Day).

There is a terrific crash and a blue flash of lightning and the electricity goes off. BAM! This is really exciting! We continue making cookies by candlelight (the stove is a “Victory Model” gas stove, with minimal metal used, to aid the War Effort, so it’s operational).

The power crew arrives in the alley (which our kitchen window faces). They climb the poles while we cheer them on. This is better than three circuses at once!

Eventually the power comes back on (how boring).

We scrape the raw dough off the bottoms of the mixing bowls and eat it. The cookies are done.

And we are still talking about it!

*** Share your favorite Christmas stories with me and I’ll post them here. ***

(Stay tuned for photos of pecan crescents being made!)

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