Wednesday, July 26

Unlike the rest of the week, this was a VERY stormy morning! The rain came down in sheets, as if we were in the tropics. Sharen accompanied me as far as Sturgeon Bay, where we visited a couple of galleries. Lunch was at Blue Front in Sawyer (the south side of the bridge from Sturgeon Bay. In fact, it may just be called Sturgeon Bay now).

Then I (reluctantly) drove to Green Bay, where I caught a plane for the first leg of the journey back to NYC. (Sigh.)

Oscar (or is it Otto?), the Alaskan otter who kept me company most evenings.

Patio at Margaret Lockwood Gallery.

Glassblower at Popelka Trenchard Glass.

Gallery exhibit at Popelka Trenchard Glass.

Blue Front: lunch (yum!)

Sharen at Blue Front.

Sunset from the plane.

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