Thursday, July 20

The sun blasted me out of bed at dawn and I tried to capture the beauty of the sunrise in photos.

Augie’s tree: planted for my dad by his namesake (Sharen’s grandson) in 1994, I think it was

My faithful ride, Mouse

Doe and fawns, a constant presence along with the humming birds

I took pictures of the Young’s beautiful house and art collection as well.

Entry sculpture to Young’s house

Ceramic sculpture in dining room (by Tony Staroska)

View from dining room

View from screened porch to dining room

Living room fireplace

Living room coffee table

Kitchen from Living room and entry

Kitchen pass-through from dining room

Painting in dining room

Rooster print in hall

Floyd and Gladys Anderson, Sharen’s parents

These are photos taken on Juddville Road before my writing workshop.

Adam Voight’s house on Juddville Road, where he lived with his sister.  He grew the fabulous Jersey Belle strawberries he shyly gave my mom every July 4th.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church where I was married 8/2/17

St. Paul’s and cemetery

St. Paul’s front with 2 new additions

St. Paul’s interior

Front door (the only door in 1975)

Floyd’s service record on headstone

The legendary hermaphrodite who owned the Juddville gas station across from the Chase’s

Gardner Orsted who became Road Commissioner in the late ’50s and got our road paved and named.

Chase’s house, expanded into a restaurant. I dated Dave in ’66; his mom (Jeanne) played the organ at my wedding.

Chase’s farmstand (Juddville Rd. and Hwy. 42) sold Maiden’s Blush apples and fabulous homemade bread and butter pickles

This is the site of my Write On Door County workshop (1:00-5:30). Wine and cheese after!

The next event was the ice cream social at Juddville Clay in the old one-room schoolhouse. Tony Staroska is the featured potter, but he exhibited other people’s work, as well.

Pool with a collection of heart-shaped rocks

We then headed over to the Fish Creek Town Hall for a talk and brownies. The subject was both the history of the village and of the Summertime, a shop where my mom worked in the ’70s, and which features lovely gingerbread architecture. Next, a group of us crammed into a car and went to dinner at the Gibraltar Grill, where the Young’s granddaughter Anya is a waitress. I had broiled local whitefish: fabulous! Really full day!


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