Sunday, July 23

I first met Ernest at the Parkway Bar in the summer of 1966, when I was working as a “Knudson girl” at the Knudson House in Ephraim. We’ve since fallen out of touch after he’d come back from Viet Nam (1970? 1971?)

Today he made us a frittata with homemade whole wheat bread for breakfast. Then (as it was too rough for sailing) I got a guided hike up and over Door Bluff. At the crest, we looked down on a very windy/choppy Green Bay. Hawks flew below us at incredible speed.

After the hike, we drove down Hwy. Q to Gordon Lodge in Bailey’s Harbor. Oddly, as the trees grew thicker and the wildlife invisible, we managed to pass a man in an olive-colored suit! He had on a black T-shirt and curly black hair with a bald spot. He was also walking on the wrong side of the road, and was miles from anywhere.

Gordon Lodge was the crême-de-la-crême for my parents in the 1930s and ’40s, and still has some of that ambience. We got G-&-T’s and enjoyed the much colder weather on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula.

I then went back to the Young’s, just in time for a lovely dinner for 13 people. The guests of honor were a couple from Haiti who run orphanages there, so I got to speak a lot of French.


Side of house with workshop entrance at left.

Front of house with entry door at left.

Back of house with apple tree.

One of 2 upstairs bedrooms.

Apple tree from bedroom.

Apple tree and fire pit from bedroom.

Bedroom chair.

Stairs to first floor.


Dining room from stairs.

Living room from stairs.

Bathroom (entrance under stairs).

Kitchen at foot of stairs.

Kitchen from dining room.

Kitchen lamp.

Breakfast chanterelles



EA’s workshop


Workshop door lock

Award-winning chair

Chair back


Chair seat

Bracken in EA’s yard

Queen Anne’s Lace


Day lilies


EA’s yard

Ironwood tree

Winter woodpile. (The black concrete floors have hot pipes running under them so the floors are warm in winter.)

Anchor on side of shed.

Local limestone reef fossils.

(The whorls on the white rock didn’t show here.)


Typical Door County limestone. When crushed and heated in a kiln, it made the base for whitewash. Most of the older DC buildings were white as a result.

Hiking Door Bluff . . .

Indian Paintbrush

Taaalll dandelion


Top of Door Bluff (those are 3-4′ waves down there!)

Top of Door Bluff (those are 3-4′ waves down there!)

That tiny, thin, pale blue line on the horizon is Michigan.

Sweet peas on Door Bluff.


More sweet peas . . .

 Gordon Lodge, Bailey’s Harbor

Looking at Cana Island across Moonlight Bay (formerly Mud Bay).

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