Saturday, July 22

1. Edgewood Orchard Gallery
The morning was mine, so I went directly to Edgewood Orchard Galleries over on the Peninsula Players Road. So much history in that short trip! My dad had come to Door County in the 1930s to do the publicity photos for the Players as they were being created, and they’re still going strong. Meanwhile, in 1969, Annie Haberland and her mom opened the first Edgewood Gallery. Now the complex is run by her daughter Nell and JR, Nell’s husband. And they still have wonderful taste in art! (Much of the art in Sharen and Jack Young’s house is from here.)

Nell, owner of Edgewood Orchard

Lotus Bowl. A lot of world-class glass and pottery are being produced in WI now, although this piece wasn’t.

Local glass bowl.

Barn/gallery interior: window.

Hey! This IS the Dairy State!

WI Landscape


MN Painting

Georgene Pomplun / Mt. Horeb, WI / Peninsula Sunday Walk / Oil on Panel on Linen / $875

Scott Harris / Tranquil Harbor / Greensboro, NC / $1700

Linda Koenig / A New Day #20 / Black Earth, WI / Watercolor / $1800

Hayloft of Barn/Gallery

Brian Sanchez Jimenez / Havana, Cuba / Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero / Oil / $2800

Brian Sanchez Jimenez / Havana, Cuba / Ana Julia / $2800

Barn Gallery exterior

Back of barn: Courtyard Gallery

Courtyard Gallery

In the Courtyard

Spider sculpture: Courtyard Gallery

Sculpture behind Courtyard

Outbuilding, Courtyard

Main House

Mammoth: Players Road entrance

Entrance to Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden “greeter”

Fish (Sculpture Garden)

Rock Zoo

Carl Vanderheyden / Green Bay, WI / Any Day Now / Recycled Steel & Concrete / $1800

Do-it-yourself sculpture box

Sculpture Garden Path

David Valentine / Sturgeon Bay, WI / Perserverance / Steel & Concrete / $8200

More Garden Fish

“Mouse” between elk and horse

2. The Old House
I finally got up the courage and went up the long drive to our old house (see picture below from the ’70s). Needless to say, nothing was the same! But the Sullivans who’ve recently bought it are lovely people from McHenry County, IL. So it’s in good hands!

The house Dad designed in the 1960s.

The house today (ugh!)

This was our (treeless) front lawn and meadow.

The meadow now has an outbuilding in it. At the back of the property is a garden. Huge trees have overtaken the rest of the land!

3. Ernest Anderson
Ernest came to meet me in Juddville and persuaded me to pack up a bag for the night. We had cocktails (a loss, due to the inexperience of the bartender) and a very nice meal (due to the experience of the Hillside Inn, which has been around for a long time). I stayed over and took some picture of his fabulous woodworking, which includes the house he built by hand.

Wooden floor lamp

Close up of wooden lampshade.

Living room: couch, table, and 2 chairs

2 chairs

Fireplace vent; storage; couch, and table.

 For more photos of the interior of this remarkable house go to the next page (Sunday, July 12).

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