Monday, July 24

This was my day to explore the other side of the Door Peninsula. Although it’s only 15 miles wide, the peninsula features two different climates and ecosystems. In brief, Green Bay is warm; Lake Michigan is cold.

1. More of Sharen & Jack’s art:

View from the Young’s driveway.

2. Bailey’s Harbor

View of Bailey’s Harbor from the former BHYC site (it burned down; we had our wedding reception there).

The Birdhouse, Baileys Harbor

The range lights. When the two buildings’ lights are aligned in the view of a ship, they are on a safe course to come into the harbor.

3. The Ridges Sanctuary

Marshall cabin (ca. 1854), The Ridges.

Marshall cabin historical information.

Another cabin at The Ridges.

The Ridges: swale. The original shorelines of Lake Michigan (after the last Ice Age) can be found here. My parents also helped build a trail for the blind.

The Ridges: swale.


Cedars (of course!)

4. Bjorklunden, home of Boynton Chapel

Outbuilding (the original—gorgeous!!—house burned down). Grandma Peil’s gardens are gone, too.

Roof dragon.

Boynton Chapel—created by Winifred Boynton and her husband as a peace offering during WWII. My dad has some furniture here that he made for the Chapel, too.

This chapel is in the style of a traditional Norwegian stavkirke.

View of Lake Michigan from Bjorklunden.

In 2000, Mom and I sat in the right-hand chairs and enjoyed the view (I described it to her). Long lines of migrating geese flew above the far horizon that day.

MORE cedars! (Can’t get enough of them!)

5. Cave Point

View from Cave Point trail.

Blowhole wave / Cave Point. We were soaked!


Waiting for the wave.

Cave Point swimmers (really, really bad idea!)

 6. Egg Harbor

Lunch at Shipwrecked. This used to be Murphy Moore’s, and featured a machine on the porch (now gone) that dispensed live worms!


View across Hwy. 42.

Junction of Hwys. G and 42, looking toward Juddville.

View across Hwy. G to view of Egg Harbor and Michigan on the other side of Green Bay.

7. Juddville redux 

Painting in the hall of Write On Door County.

Adam Voight’s house (again).

Adam’s barn (it just fell down in 2016).


Ernest’s table (dining room).

Sunset at the Young’s . . .


Little chair from the Juddville one-room school.

Al Wathall’s painting of the Juddville church (1975?)

Sharen and Jack’s wedding (1963)

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