Friday, July 21

Sunrise woke me again, and I wrote the following (please bear in mind that I was half asleep!):

DAWN, 7/21/17 (Door County, WI/Juddville)

The birches facing my bed turn pink-gold as the sun begins to appear. The pink light browns the leaves and then turns them to gold. The western sky is layered at the bottom with pink, fading up to pale, pale blue in the morning haze. (It is 63ºF; 93% humidity.) When I raised my shade, a brown deer bounded away from the feeder in the meadow. The dew by my windows refracts tiny rainbow colors, winking and changing in the light: red, yellow, green, blue diamond chips. There is no sound. Not a leaf is stirring. The long, pale strips of cloud are motionless, pasted to a blue-grey sky. As the light intensifies, the blue shadows move silently across the lawn, and in the valley the curly head of the facing bluff is first dark green, then adds more and more buttery yellow. The sunlit grass is paler than a canary, but intensely yellow in its own way. In the valley, the long brown grasses turn peach. A car sighs faintly on the highway a mile away. Farther away, a small plane bee-buzzes and then fades out. The day is still motionless, holding its breath. Silence. What surprises does it still hold?


Sharen took me around the bay-side of the peninsula, as well as over to Northport, to where the Washington Island Ferry has moved. We went up to Gills Rock by means of back roads, and then made our way south to Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, Ephraim, the Peninsula State Park, Blossomburg (formerly “Blasenberg”) Cemetery, Fish Creek, and ended up food shopping in Egg Harbor. The upgrading of food products available is amazing, as is the consolidation of the orchard business. What had been small farms producing apples and—especially—cherries, is now predominantly Seaquist’s, which also has large outlets where you can buy their finished products. The back roads remain largely the same, however, and we had a great day.

Looking out from the Park to Eagle (Horseshoe) Island and bluffs beyond

Horseshoe Island from the Park (2 pelicans[!!] flew over while I was taking this). Ephraim, Ellison Bay and Door Bluffs beyond.

Island history

Mary and Augie Hoffmann’s headstone (Mom needed dusting).

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