Hermitage Heart / Seven Daily Home Services

1) Waking
May this be a day of blessing and being blessed
Honoring and being honored
Loving and being loved

2) First water
One water, one life:
This one offering
This one receiving

3) Receiving / preparing food
This food, the unbroken life of all beings
I vow to taste, appreciate, and continue it
With wisdom and compassion

4) Prior to work
My effort is supported by ineffable wisdom
I give it not knowing the outcome of my labor
With pure intention, love, and fullness

5) Relationships
Returning always to the
Hermitage of my heart
I recognize and appreciate
The sacred community that I am

6) Twilight
At the ending of day’s light
May I remember the passing quality
Of life and reflect with
Gratitude on my day

7) Sleep
With this rest I trust in being
And the faith mind
I hold possible for all life

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