Wish we had these everywhere!

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Monster Cloud Eats Sun

(@ 24th St. & 6th Ave.)

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The 3 Musketeers Go to Basking Ridge, NJ . . .

. . .  and NJ will never be the same again! A delicious brunch and a short walk in 95-degree weather: but at least we were out of the city. Basking Ridge was like a ghost town (everyone was at the shore?) Here we are, in all our glory:

Val Batista and me


















Tony and Val

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Le 14 juillet: allons enfants de la patrie!! Plus, we got the World Cup!!!


Val Batista in my loft

Tony Miller wearing my shirt (I met him 22 years ago today on 60th Street!)

The birthday girl/citoyenne française about to celebrate

I’ve had curly hair (only on the sides) for about 5 years. Don’t know why.


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Perfect Mid-July Day, 2018

Again, Madison Square Park at its finest. I’m sitting at a small cafe table doing pretty much nothing. It doesn’t get better than this!

View from my table: sculpture/pool and Flatiron reflection

Flatiron Building reflection

Scul;pture reflection (a work of Syrian artist Diana Al-Hadid)

Underside of sculpture, reflected

Emily Dickenson’s poem on bees and clover (in front of clover lawn): see below if the poem doesn’t show up on the right . . .


“To make a prairie it takes
a clover and one bee,
one clover and a bee,
and revery.
The revery alone will do
if bees are few.”

— Emily Dickenson

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My Birthday, 07/07/2018

It was a small, last-minute dinner at El Kallejon (209 East 117, if you want to sample some really, really tasty Mexican seafood/vegan/whatever!)

Tony & Monica Miller (representing Italy and France, respectively)

Tony Miller and Val Batista

My roommate . . .

Stephany’s friend Dirk, visiting from Holland

My flan dessert and candles

Part of the quirky and wonderful decor of El Kallejon

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Happy (Naked) 4th?

I was walking down 22nd St., through a few blocks of gorgeous brownstones, when I passed The Colonial Inn and saw a young Hispanic man coming down the stairs to the street. The building has a gorgeous facade and was the original HQ of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis anti-AIDS campaign.

I asked him if it was as nice inside as out, and he gave me a tour. Five (!) long, steep flights of stairs later, we came out on the roof garden:

Roof garden with German church steeple


Then I realized he’d said, “Clothing optional,” and he was immediately naked (after all, it’s a gay B&B). “Does this bother you?” he asked. Having lived through the ’60s, I said “No.”

We talked for about 20 minutes—as if nudity in the middle of NYC was not odd—and then I reminded him that I was on a quest to find an open café (not easy on the 4th) with a nice view, Champagne and fruit. So I took my leave of him, probably just in time before he suggested something kinkier!

On 9th Ave. and 21st St. I found one of my favorite cafés was open, and I dined on a fruit crêpe and Champagne, as planned.

Happy 4th (belated) to you and yours, naked or otherwise!


My table (and Hanji the waiter)

9th Avenue


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