This is what entropy looks like

The so-called plumber bashed in the walls and ceiling of my kitchen, leaving dust everywhere. It was not a very professional job; and he even had to borrow my ladder to get the job done. But at least we had drop cloths that day.
IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0145
These are some of the messy holes he left behind:
IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0161
The workers who came to clean up after the plumber experienced a catastrophic ceiling collapse in the kitchen when they were cutting the sheetrock into rectangular holes so they could properly insert new sheetrock into those holes, prior to painting. Over time, my ceiling had become full of leftover construction materials, including asbestos insulation. I couldn’t directly photograph the ceiling collapse as it was a brown, opaque, rolling dust cloud that came at me so fast I knew I would have lung damage if it got to me. So I ran to the back of the loft and took the 2nd photo as the dust was ending its explosion out of the kitchen.Even though I turned on 3 fans at the back of the loft, the dust rolled over them. It looked like a miniature version of the World Trade Center collapse. There were no drop cloths this day; EVERYthing in the loft was coated in dust, as if in flour. It is almost two weeks later, and I have washed almost EVERY item in the apartment by hand: plants, dishes, furniture, pictures, rugs . . . I am almost done cleaning up (there are still two bedrooms and all of the framed pictures to clean). I’ve had to vacuum 8 times — and scrub the floors 8 times.
They still have not returned to their original shine.
IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0173
Because I was the only person not issued a face mask (!), I had to vacate my apartment for a day. I couldn’t stop coughing for over 3 hours straight (so much junk in my lungs!) And the cough has persisted for a couple more weeks. Here are the items that should have been covered and weren’t:
IMG_0184 IMG_0164 IMG_0165
IMG_0166 IMG_0162
I went to sit on the steps of the now-closed St. Vincent de Paul church, with my buddy Hector (at right) and his buddy, Vega (aka “Fat Boy”). They listened to me cough and we silently watched the pedestrian zoo parade by. VERY entertaining!
Lots to learn from these buddhas.
HectorSantiago+VegaPS: It finally took about 6 weeks to make the apartment habitable again. That’s called “constructive eviction” in legal parlance. Let’s hope the landlord gets it right this time!

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