My Favorite Rock

I understand that in the southern U.S. and the U.K. a “rock” is larger than a “stone”. But I live in the north, and this rock is about 1″ in diameter.

I found it on a Lake Michigan beach, where the sand is coarser and yellower than that of its salt-water cousins. At first I saw a rune (from Lake Michigan’s little-known Celtic past?):. . . which was more likely the skeleton of an ancient worm (if worms ever had skeletons).

On the back I saw a signature, which, magnified here, is something quite different:

I am reminded of the summer a geologist from Northwestern U. and his family spent a few days walking our on a bluff on the Wisconsin peninsula. He showed us coral reefs and seashells from when our pasture was at the bottom of a mega-lake formed when the glacier melted at the end of the last Ice Age.

Perhaps my calcified mud rune was part of that lake, as well? In any event, it is one of my two favorite rocks (more about the other later), and sits in a place of honor on the edge of the small fountain in the center of my loft.

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