Separated by a Common Language

We are surrounded by people who are trying to reach out and communicate, but somehow just don’t make it. These are a few examples.

(Spotted in Kingston, Jamaica).
James Bond Shooting Peter Rabbit.
(Spotted in the 23rd Street
1 station).
Coffee “break.
(In an NJ fire house: via A. Buzack).

That’s one salad I’ll cheerfully skip!
(Broadway @ 42nd Street).
This is a hair salon. REALLY!
(On 22nd Street nr. 7th Ave.)
Sadly true.
(Thanks to Sylvia Knott Yee).

“Wolf Paper”?
What’s it like on a full moon??
(Spotted on 6th Ave. nr. 23rd St.)
Something for the biker,
something for the little lady . . .
(On a Montana back road).
Take THAT, you . . . you customer!!
(On 9th Ave. betw. 21-22 Sts.)

This “beach” was across from the
Flatiron Building (?!?)
This, from the restaurant formerly known as Friendly’s: read the fine print!
(Thanks to Deidre Wyeth).
(Thanks to Arnaldo Buzack

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