Black-Rock: My New Favorite!

On 12-1-12, Myotai Sensei held a journal-writing workshop at the Japan Society. We all received rocks, and mine had a special feature: it has five dimples in it that look as if they were made by human fingernails! It’s as if — a few million years ago — someone made their imprint in the black mud.

This is actually a small rock (1-3/8″ x 1-1/4″), but it is many-faceted. In fact, it has eight sides of varying sizes. And each “fingernail print” is accompanied by a scratch of a glacial type, although god(dess) knows what actually made these.

It’s really hard to show all these different sides, as the scanner isn’t very cooperative. But if you think of this rock as a large mesa somewhere, the striations give it character and expansiveness.

Plus, it’s as smooth as baby skin to the touch.

I love my new rock!!

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