Elements: Earth

Silent Voices / NYC

Urban Solitude

Being alone in a dark city is another way of being in a crowd.
How can one be alone when silent voices are calling out?
Urging. Showing. Seducing.

Eat. Wear. Fight. Enjoy. Laugh. Spend.
Cat Power. Iron Fists. Melting buildings. Surface. MyF. Stores Ma. NO.

Nice dumplings!

Even disembodied the traces of their skin bags remain.
Even without bodies the traces of their yearning remain.

I want! I need! Give it to me NOW! NO

Alone with their messages I am also a no body.
I want. I need. I eat. I wear. I laugh. I fight. I spend.

The Comfort Diner facing me offers no comfort. A man in the dark under its gaudy neon is silently, urgently communicating — nothing — to his dark cell phone.

Does anyone hear?

Should anyone hear?

The dark is all-embracing air. It moves into my lungs and out again.

It is enough.

For now.

“Silent Voices”

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