‘Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .

. . . everyone on the M train (all the way to Forest Hills) seemed to be in a Christmas spirit. People volunteered where they were going, that the entire family was actually going to be together this year — and they promised to say “Hi” to their moms for me.

I wore earrings that were actually little gold-ball ornaments. Both going to Queens and coming home, people were smiling and saying “Merry Christmas!” even if their religion didn’t normally encompass the idea.

Wish it could last all year!

129842228-gold-christmas-ball-on-snowy-fir-tree-a-gold-gettyimagesNow here’s the fun part: I went to a party where I really made up for lost Christmas time! Decorated the tree; wrapped the gifts; and ate and drank wonderful things. (Unfortunately, I was really sick from 3-5 a.m.; but then felt great again, if a little tired).

Guess I miss celebrating the holidays after all! It’s been a very, very long time since I did.

Cheers! Merry!

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