Happy Independence Day!

Here it is July 4th already, and I haven’t written a thing since June 2! I started a new job on June 3, so I have a sort-of excuse. I am now the Admin/Receptionist/Organizer aka Office Manager for an asset management company (that includes futures and commodities). I work in a gorgeous environment that includes a very large tank of ±62 tropical fish (one of them — Tallulah/Mr. Tallulah — comes when I call!) (± because they seem to be eating each other for lunch).

However, I work exactly 9-5, and this slogan in the Brokers’ room gives you an idea of how the CEO views me:


I am nobody and nothing; but I’ve persuaded the 8 brokers to take me out for a birthday drink on Monday after work (yes, my birthday is 7/7). We’ll see if the CEO will allow it.

I try to ignore the unintended insults (after all, how can furniture be insulted?) But the constant pep-talks to the brokers saying, “You don’t want to be stuck making $10 or $15 an hour! That’s shit!” don’t cheer me up. I won’t even get paid till 7/15: that’s 6 weeks after I started! Needless to say, money is scarce chez moi!


On the bright side, a great buddy bought me an A/C which was installed last week. It occurred to me (after I’ve been enjoying it in this heat wave) that I’ve never truly had A/C throughout my house EVER in my entire life! What a gift!! Another great hairdresser/friend gave me one of his fabulous $100 haircuts — free! And I’m going to a BBQ on the 4th (think about it: single ladies don’t get invited ANYwhere, especially to BBQs. Especially when they’re older). I’m truly blessed!

Another friend gave me $500 to make a small web site; and my Sensai is paying me to make a series of cards and small boxes to sell (for only $15 for each collection) at her Hermitage Heart gristmill.

I may even celebrate my birthday on Sunday with Tony, my buddy for the past 17 years. How lucky can a gal be?

So I’m am valued and loved and couldn’t feel more blessed, in spite of God’s little curses that continue to rain down (starting in December).

Meanwhile, I was walking in Madison Square Park yesterday after work, and I saw a guy walking a black Chihuahua and carrying a parrot cage on his back. He told me the parrot (Guillermo) is from Indonesia; and Cliff (the dog) is from — who knows where? Carlos is of Mayan descent (my old neighborhood!) and used to work for Getty Images. He quit for 3 years; became a vegetarian; and helped some of his dying friends go out in peace. He rescues animals and has become a fabulous person. He presented me with a hibiscus he found on the ground:

Hibiscus. . . and he has free tickets to the movies on Saturday. So we may go. How cool is that? Wonderful, non-greedy people pop up in the most unexpected places for me! Again, I am soooo lucky!

I may loose my goods in storage (my dad’s photos, family antiques, my paintings): but that may be a blessing in disguise. I’m paying $200/mo. for this, and I don’t need more things!! We’ll see if I can come up with $800 in time to stave off the 8/21 auction. Otherwise, feel free to come and get some great stuff!

And that would be another meaning for “independence”: less stuff!

So that’s the news from NYC on the 4th.

I hope you’re all doing well and having a terrific holiday!

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