A Short Beach and Holiday Reading Recommendation

My all-time favorite book is Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It. Actually, the title story is the longest (a novella); it is also the most serious and in some ways, the least successful.

The other two stories in the same book — Logging and Pimping and Your Friend Jim and The Ranger, the Cook and the Hole in the Sky — are hilarious and make you wish you could have been a ranger back in 1919 (or thereabouts). Or at least a fly on the wall, which is the position these two stories gift you with.

The Forestry Service was new and hired almost any male, regardless of background. It was dirty, lonely work in the wilderness of Montana (and elsewhere), back when it really was still wilderness: moral, as well as natural.

Great fun! Enjoy!


Mark Bueide (NYC) wrote:

“Here’s some interesting beach reading — “A Tale for the Time Being” — Ruth Ozeki. Engaging flotsam.

I do agree with you though — Norman Maclean is wonderful.”


Marga Rose Hancock (Seattle) wrote:

“Hola Nancy
thanks for sending this along, stimulating recall of that good reading.
Just now I read the latest from erstwhile favorite Louise Erdrich, The Round House.

I hope to see Ms. Dinkle and other of our campusmates in mid-June, when I head down to Camp Scripps XX.

Wishing you well and good on this MemDay.”

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