Fire, Water and Baby Buddha


Fire informs my zazen sessions and complements my rather haphazard “altar”. In fact, this space will probably replace my Christmas tree this year (sigh).

My plants glow; the water mala bowl glistens; and Baby Buddha is adding another century onto his life since he was turned to bronze in China in the 16th (or 17th?) Century. My favorite rocks take root in a piece of furniture my father made.

Capturing fire apparently made us who were are, as it gave us artificial daylight and thus the ability to be up and about for a good 16 hours/day. We shared our ideas around the campfire, creating both community and technology.

Without fire, our great-ape cousins didn’t get as far, it seems (Smithsonian’s November issue ruminates on this puzzle).

I wish I could read the Chinese prayer on my right-hand candle!

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