Other Ways Water is Transformed But Not Lost: A Photo Essay

(In order of appearance) My Apartment: 1. Humidifier Steam; 2. My Plants, Buddha and Sangha Bowl; Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (spring 2010): 3. Weeping Cherry Tree; 4. White Apple Blossoms; 5. Tori Gate; 6. Stone Lantern; 7. Two Turtles; PLUS 8. the Old Portuguese Jewish Cemetery at 21st Street & 6th Avenue; 9. Water Vapor Making Clouds Over the Ocean; and 10. Frozen Fountain in Bryant Park.
[Click on images to enlarge them.]

Humidifier Steam My Plants
Weeping Cherry Tree by Pond White Apple Blossoms
Tori Gate in Pond Japanese Stone Lantern in Pond
2 Turtles Old Jewish Cemetery
Clouds Frozen Fountain

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