Elements: Air

Water Becomes Steam Becomes Air:


Remember steam radiators? Well, this is the one I still have in my Chelsea loft. Bangs away, converting water into air.

Overheats the space; then I turn it off and freeze. Maybe you had one once, too!

*  *  *


Steam from my humidifier: another way water is transformed, but not lost:

The mask, btw, is covering the face of a goat skull that I found in New Mexico in 1967. It is in a basket of bones that I found and used for teaching anatomy to artists in the 1980s. The mask seems to reflect my own feelings about turning into a gas and being “forgotten”, if not lost, in the “afterlife”.

My bones, of course, will not be lost: they will take millenia to completely disappear, although no one may ever see them after I’m done using them (the “tree -falls-in-the-forest” dilemma: did I ever “exist” if my bones are not seen by someone? And what does “exist” mean??)

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