Men’s and Women’s Brains; and Why Grandmas Rock!

The brains of men and women aren’t really that different, study finds

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This saying may not hold true, thanks to a new study that finds human brains do not fit neatly into “male” and “female” categories. After analyzing tissue and nerve fiber matter in magnetic resonance imaging brain images of 1400 individuals, results reveal that although our brains seem to share a patchwork of forms, with some being more common in one gender over the other, the majority of the brains were a mosaic of male and female structures.

Anti-Alzheimer’s gene may have led to the rise of grandparents

Evolutionarily speaking, we are born to make babies. Our bodies—and brains—don’t fall apart until we come to the end of our child-bearing years. So why are grandmothers, who don’t reproduce and who contribute little to food production, still around and still mentally sound? Researchers stumbled across a new finding that reveals one of two forms of the gene CD33—the protective allele—evolved when humans first separated from our primate ancestors, enabling us to stay mentally sound as we age in order to help raise the next generation. Researchers say this protective allele is a major evolutionary factor in natural selection against Alzheimer’s.

By Alison Crawford, 4 December 2015
in Science News Magazine

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