Me and My Big Mouth

Here I’ve been celebrating our perfect summer, with moderate temperatures, low humidity and only 2 weekends that had rain.

Now, however, it’s Labor Day weekend, and we are making up for lost time with a vengeance. In fact, we have flood warnings today and tomorrow and the humidity is 80% and climbing. The heat was awful today, and probably will be tomorrow.

For those of us who don’t go anywhere on holidays, this is not a tragedy. We read, drink(!) and listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” The city is empty, so it’s a pleasure to hang out in the loft, with the A/C blasting (thank you, Ronan Cox!!) I even splurged $150 at a mattress sale at Sleepy’s yesterday (the excitement doesn’t end!!!!!!!)

The good news is that I still have my Noah’s Ark that my dad made for me when I was 3. (Poor Noah: all those animals and only 1 bucket!) That, and I live on the second floor.

But I’m sure my friends with BBQs will feel I’ve cursed them with all this talk of a beautiful spring and summer. Here’s what’s going on outside my window even as I speak (and this is just Phase II of the storm; Phase I was even more impressive):

Rain on duct

Rain on duct

Rain on Poinsettia (yes, from last Christmas!)

Rain on Poinsettia (yes, from last Christmas!)



About Nancy

Nancy Hoffmann began studying Zen Buddhism in 1992 and has dedicated this site to meditating on what she sees and believes. She is not averse to sharing laughter as well.
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2 Responses to Me and My Big Mouth

  1. Fred James says:

    Yo Female Peer Breath,

    Keep that old mouth blabb’in. I enjoy it.

    IL Fettucinni

  2. Steph says:

    It is 65 here. Light rain this AM and sunny this afternoon.

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