Poltergeist?? (Times 2!)


At about midnight last night I heard a loud “thump” in the apartment, although I couldn’t tell where it came from. This morning, I found a plant — that was behind another plant’s coaster — had leaped over the coaster and landed upside-down on my Chinese candle. The 17th-century bronze Buddha next to the candle had fallen over, as well.

Even more startling, the little squeaky-toy Buddha (pictured at right) had somehow jumped onto the half-round and landed rightside-up, unaided. And a plant ‘way behind that Buddha had managed to fall over, too.

There was no wind; the windows were closed; and no amount of jiggling the window frames could have caused these up-endings.

Any ideas? It’s been a VERY weird day!

BTW: it happened again the very next day! Only this time, Buddha ended up face-down on the floor. (Huh????)

About Nancy

Nancy Hoffmann began studying Zen Buddhism in 1992 and has dedicated this site to meditating on what she sees and believes. She is not averse to sharing laughter as well.
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4 Responses to Poltergeist?? (Times 2!)

  1. Fred James, The Great PooBah of Rationalism says:

    Something made it happen. I would prefer to call it an unknown cause which you have not found out YET. But a happy little ghost? Might as well be God or the Devil or George Bush. These last three are just as likely. The problem with things like this is that we usually don’t have the patience to methodically go through all the possible causes one by one and finally find the real cause. Science is wonderful but boring. When i was a small child Pendron, my brother closest to me in age, when suspected of wrong doing, told my parents, “The Squeaky Mouse did it.” We’ve blamed “The Squeaky Mouse” for everything that goes wrong ever since.

    Aloha Nui Loa,

    IL Fettucinni

    • hoffmannn says:

      We’ve been thinking all day — and called in neighbors and friends to think with us. But nothing in the natural world is that strong and that accurate. Mice in this apartment are not that gifted, I can assure you! And through closed windows? And moving my Buddha-of-the-cell-phone-and-espresso across the room? Not their thing.

  2. Jay says:

    I thought this was the beginning of a new short-story thriller. You can use that as the beginning of a short thriller.–things going “bump!” in the night. I guess this really happened. I just read in some free literature from a Buddhist Meditation Center close to where I live that ghosts could actually exist. You never know. I never heard of a squeaky-toy Buddha, anyway. Even if you had a dog, I wouldn’t think you’d give it a squeaky Buddha. Maybe he’s trying to tell you something.

    • hoffmannn says:

      I’ve had squeaky Buddha for over a decade: he has an old-fashioned cell phone and an espresso. I think he really speaks to this Brave New World of ours. He was a gift from a friend years ago: and no, NOT for a dog! But he’s never jumped that far before (nor jumped at all)! There used to be a ghost in this apartment, but he disappeared in 1997. And it was a “residual haunting” — nothing that seemed “intelligent” that you could interact with. This event, however, is just plain weird!

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